Karate Superstar


Year 7 learner, Owen Armstrong  has been selected to represent Great Britain at National and International level in the sport of karate.

Owen has worked extremely hard over the last 12 months and is 110% dedicated to sport and one day hopes to become world champion.  Well done Owen!


Take Over Challenge

As it has been National Anti-Bullying Week learners at Darton College engaged in a Take Over Challenge activity during a lunch time this week. This gave the learners an opportunity to share their views about bullying.  We had some fantastic observations and ideas shared with us which will set up an agenda for an anti-bullying initiative.  This was done in conjunction with activities completed in form time all week.  The tasks were taken seriously by the learners and it really showed how our young people are willing to stand together against bullying.



Proud of Barnsley Awards 2015


Congratulations to Jason Clark 7JSH, who won a prize in the Proud of Barnsley Awards last week. Jason won his prize in the ‘Young Superstar’ category for his hard work fundraising for Greenacre School.

The video of him can be viewed here:-


Jason is now planning his new fundraising activity – donations and further information can be found through the following link – http://suportthenoun.webs.com/

Well done Jason



Year 8 Parents Evenings


Year 8 Parents’ Evenings will take place on Thursday 26th November 4.30pm – 7.30pm (Form Groups JAV, LHE, TBA, PAC, WOL and JEL) and Thursday 3rd December 4.30pm – 7.30pm (Form Groups MCL, LOW, NTO, and MWI.

A letter with booking instructions has been handed to learners and emailed home to parent/carers.

To view the letter and instructions please click on the link here – Letter/Booking Instructions

Please do not hesitate to contact the college should require any assistance in booking appointments – our Admin Team are happy to help.


Thanks to our amazing learners and staff today for supporting two very worthy causes.  We have raised £740 that will be split between Children in Need and Pancreatic Cancer.  Loud shirts and tops were worn around the college today to raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer, a charity many learners and staff were not familiar with before.

IMG_0007 IMG_0201 IMG_0207 IMG_0210 IMG_0212

Remembrance Day 2015

Brydie and Jack made this video as part of our Remembrances Day at Darton College. The whole day in school was spent looking at different areas of remembrance. Our learners completed a number of activities in each wing/subject area of our school.

Children in Need 2015

On Friday 13th November we will be holding a loud shirt day to to raise money for Children in Need and Pancreatic Cancer.  Learners are to donate £1 to substitute their white shirt for either a loud shirt or top.  It is not necessary for learners to wear ties but the rest of the uniform must be worn.  We look forward to your support for these worthy causes.