Putting that revision timetable together

Mrs Davies recently posted some hints and tips about the best ways to maximise your revision.  With the mock exams coming up for Year 11 before Christmas and Year 10 after, some learners are already putting together revision timetables to help ensure they cover all aspects of their subjects.

Don’t forget to start that revision early

1. You have more time to ensure your knowledge and understanding is fully embedded

2. You can identify areas where you need to ask your teacher for extra help

3. The later you leave it to start, the more you’ll have to do every night

Planning your revision is really important.  It ensures that you spend enough time on all of your subjects

Planning your revision is really important. It ensures that you spend enough time on all of your subjects

Internship Programme 2014

During the 2014 summer holiday period thirty learners from Darton College took part in a two week internship programme organised by Barnsley Area North Council and run by C & K Careers.

This involved learners undertaking a week in employability workshops, where they were required to produce CV’s, personal statements, write job applications and take part in a mock interview process. During the second week they were then required to complete a week working with a local employer and provider.  It was an overwhelming success for all learners who took part in the scheme and all came back with a heightened sense of awareness of what was required from them when the eventually enter the workplace.

Just recently the internship learners gathered again for the presentation evening organised by C & K Careers, who had organised the internship programme. The event took place at Shaw Lane Rugby Club, in Barnsley. At this meeting were members of Barnsley Council, local employers as well as learners from Darton College, Holy Trinity and Carlton Community College, plus their parents. Here they were to receive their certificates as proof that they had successfully completed the internship programme. All the learners conducted themselves magnificently and were an enormous credit to their various schools. Speeches were made by members of C & K Careers, employers, Student Ambassadors and by Councillors Sharon Howard and Linda Burgess.  Three learners from Darton College, Xsara Fleetwood, Joshua Carter and Ruby Carr were also asked to make speeches with regards to their experiences and, although this was nerve racking for them, they spoke very well with calmness and composure.

It was a wonderful night enjoyed by all who attended and, for the thirty Darton College learners taking part in the event this was undoubtedly a very valuable experience from start to finish.

Please see below a selection of photographs taken on the evening.

Year 11 Revision Tips!

I hope Y11 are all now beginning to get prepared for their mock examinations that will be taking place before Christmas! I know revision is probably the last thing that is on your mind but without it you won’t achieve your best! So take a deep breath and get yourselves organised! My top tips are below!

I also know that there is revision advice appearing on the blog from English, Maths and Science – if you don’t know where to look ask!

We’ve also set you up a dedicated Twitter feed  @Y11DartonC which will signpost you to more useful sites!

You only get one shot Y11 – don’t waste it!

Ms Davies :)

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Darton College were proud to host a true community event where everyone turned out and got involved.

Local and small business prospered at the event and the turnout was superb from our local community. Darton college’s own enterprise learners were amazing and all the local children enjoyed visiting Santa Claus and skating on the ice rink which was funded by the Darton West Ward Alliance.

The event had an estimated attendance exceeding 1000 visitors.

Barnsley & Junior Cricket Association bowled over at Darton College

Last week Darton College was the venue for the trophy presentation for all the successful junior cricket teams in Barnsley and district. The event had representatives from all the successful clubs in the area plus parents and coaches. Former Barnsley, Yorkshire and Hampshire cricketer, Alex Morris was in attendance and the trophies were presented by league chairman, Ian Cunningham.

With many of our own young cricketers at Darton College being exceptional young players it was a suitable setting for such an event.

Remembrance Day at Darton College

Remembrance Day at Darton College was filled with many activities and projects to commemorate all those who served their country in any conflict from World War 1 onwards and to recognise those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The day commenced with staff and learners taking part in a remembrance service with learner Charlotte Atkinson playing the last post.

Learners involved in the Remembrance Day Concert performed in the afternoon.   The performances were spectacular whilst being very emotive.

The entire day has been a moving and fitting tribute with the behaviour of all learners being exemplary.  We are immensely proud of the respect and humility they have shown throughout the day.

The evening remembrance concert was equally fitting with music and entertainment themed around remembrance and the centenary of World War 1.   The Yorkshire Band of the Royal British Legion played as well as Susan St Nicholas who performed the Vera Lynn Musical story.

The evening also involved learners of the college which again included Charlotte Atkinson from Year 9 who performed The Last Post.  Dancers performed pieces around the theme of remembrance and Year 10 learner Jade Carty gave a presentation on her recent trip to the battlefields of Ypres and The Somme with Alisha Coles and Miss Chapman.

Junior Voices, the college choir, performed a selection of memorable songs from the era along with poetry, recited by learners, from World War 1.

Dan Jarvis, MP read the Dedication followed by Sean Guy, Associate SLT who read the Kohima Epitaph.

There was also the opportunity to view the ‘’Darton Remembers’’ exhibition which reflected the contribution of local people in service of our Armed Forces.  Exhibits were provided by local primary schools, learners and staff of Darton College.