School Matters!

school matters

Regular attendance at school is vital to help our learners achieve and have the best start in life. It is commonly known that young people who frequently miss school often fall behind and that there is a strong link between good school attendance and achieving good results. Learners who are frequently absent from school are also more likely to become involved, or be a victim of crime and anti-social behaviour.

At Darton College we work hard to keep learners in school and are constantly striving to improve our attendance. Learners are rewarded for both their individual attendance by issuing Merits for 100% attendance in a week and also their form attendance which is recognised in assemblies and in our weekly newsletter.

Our current whole school attendance is 94.7% which is just below national average. We would like this to improve and with the holiday season coming up we would ask that you consider your child’s attendance prior to booking your summer holiday.

We believe your child deserves to feel confident and happy when in school, they should feel the enjoyment of learning and feel motivated to work hard to achieve their goals.

With your support we can ensure all our learners get the best start for their future.

Always remember Effort = Results!

Missing school - missing out

Anti-Bullying Event

We gathered together as a school to raise awareness of what bullying is, it’s effects and what we can do about this. It was a mixture of performances, videos and presentations created and delivered by learners to educate their peers. Our Barnsley Youth Councillors spoke about their current initiative “Don’t Hate Educate”, Year 10 learners performed songs and displayed their work regarding body image and Year 8 learners presented information on our new online reporting system, Tell ABI.  We are grateful for all the effort that everyone put into this.


Tell ABI

In support of our Bullying Awareness event, we are launching Tell ABI, our Anti-Bullying Inbox.  It will be a useful tool where learners can report incidences of bullying that have occurred towards themselves or others.  ABI will forward the message to the appropriate member of staff, who will then investigate the situation further.  ABI will also be a good place to report incidences on the buses and any other safety concerns learners might have about themselves or others. There is also an option to report anonymously.

Tell ABI is available through the link on the school website or by scanning the QR codes displayed on the posters around school.


Teaching & Learning Festival

On Monday the 4th of April our staff training day was at Horizon Community
College who were hosting Barnsley’s 3rd Teaching and Learning Festival.

Our Principal, Kate Davies, jointly founded the Barnsley Teaching School Alliance in her previous role, in partnership with Springwell Special Academy. Our relationship with the Teaching School remains strong and Darton is the strategic lead for CPD, this includes supporting the Teaching School organising and facilitating a wide range of courses and professional development opportunities across the borough. This year’s festival was the biggest yet, attracting 850 teachers from across Barnsley and beyond.

The event brought together the very best of education’s most forward thinking advocates, practitioners and keynote speakers, including our very own Mr Portman! Dan Jarvis started the day by giving a warm welcome and thanking our teachers for their hard work and commitment to learners across the borough. This was followed by keynote speakers, teacher, writer and educationalist Hywel Roberts, and presenter, trainer and education consultant ‘The Real’ David Cameron, who inspired, motivated and enthused. Participants then attended a range of workshops; there were over 50 on offer, some delivered by external trainers, others run by teachers from across Barnsley. It was a fantastic day, which was received positively by all.


Don’t Hate Educate

On Monday 18th April there will be a whole school event held to educate learners about issues relating to bullying and hate crimes.  There will be a performance along with a video that has been especially created by our Digital Leaders for the event.  In addition to this we are working along side the Barnsley Youth Council  and the UK Youth Parliament who will be delivering a speech about their current initiative ‘Don’t Hate Educate’.  From this day we aim to raise awareness of how to be a respectful citizen and to encourage people to take a proactive approach in dealing with Bullying.


Barnsley Youth Councillors for our School and Area

Chelsea and Phoebe are doing marvelous work on the behalf of the young people in our school and our area.  They currently working hard to ensure that young peoples voices are heard concerning issues that affect them both now and in the future.  If you have a topic that you would like to take to the Barnsley Youth Council feel free to discuss this with them.

PhoebePoster ChelseaPoster1

Year 11 Photographs

Tempest Photography will be in school on Thursday 7th April to take a group leavers photograph of all Year 11’s.  They will also take an individual photograph of all learners.

Order will need to be returned to the college by Friday 22nd April.