İBienvenidos a Inglaterra!

We are very excited in the MFL department because today we received some very important visitors all the way from Alicante in Spain. Señor Martinez, the deputy head of a school we are hoping to make links with, joined us in our Spanish classes.

Spanish exchange 3 He met with Ms Davies and was then taken on a tour of the college by year 11 Spanish GCSE learners. We had a great day and the learners were very grateful of the opportunity to use their Spanish in a real life setting. Spanish exchange 2Spanish exchangeWe are looking forward to receiving Señor Martinez again tomorrow where he will be in the performance department working with Miss Wilkinson and Mr Cairns.

Reminder of INSET

The school is open as usual Friday and then closes for a week for half term break. Friday had been put forward as a possible INSET day but was never allocated. The confirmed INSET days for the rest of this academic year are:

Monday 27th February
Friday 31st March
Monday 24th July
Tuesday 25th July

Darton Reaches the Gold Standard

Darton Voice are pleased to announce that Darton College has received it’s Gold Anti-Bullying Charter Mark and is the first mainstream school in the area to do so.  This is a reflection how learners and staff at the school have been working together to tackle this issue.

Learner voice and learner work have been key in our continuing success in this area and this will continue throughout the year as we start preparing for the Platinum Charter Mark.



Learners from Darton College stood side by side with different representatives of the wider Barnsley community against Hate Crime.  The event, held outside Barnsley interchange, sent a message that ‘Barnsley is no place for hate, report it’.

As part of National Hate Crime Awareness Week PC Fletcher has been talking to our learners in assemblies about what hate crime is and what we should do about it.  Learners were invited to write their thoughts and feeling about hate crime which were the tied to a tree with a purple ribbon, the symbol of this campaign.  The tree was put on display as part of the event and the messages were collected to be placed on a special message board on the council website.

The tree will be planted on the college site to stand as reminder that hate crime is unacceptable.  The event was a massive success and we are all proud to be part of it.


Women’s Sports Week

As part of women’s sport week, 6 of our year 11 learners attended a football tournament at the Sheffield United academy. After a slow start to the tournament we were categorized and divided into two leagues based on the results.

As the day went on, the girls grew in confidence as their performances were getting better. They went on to win the last 2 games which enabled them to become victorious and overall winners of their league. Due to the great spirit of the girls, they won tickets to watch England ladies play France later on this month.

A Fantastic achievement . Well done!

Leah Gill
Libby Whitehead
Tyler Brettoner
Charlotte Jackson
Emily Drummond
Ellie Richardson

Darton Park Project

Learners from Darton College and Darton Primary School met with the Darton West Ward Alliance and the Clean & Green Environment Team to discuss an exciting new project in Darton Park.  Learners gave their ideas regarding ways in which we can improve the environment of the park which will be followed by a number of activities in the coming months.  The Eco Council from Darton Primary suggested that we start with a litter pick and recycle all the rubbish that has been left on the park.  This will happen in November.  There are also plans for some maintenance and to paint over the graffiti.  We are really excited to be part of this amazing collaboration.


Bake off for Macmillan

A big thank you to learners and staff for contributing cakes for a really successful MacMillan coffee morning. We were joined by Mayor Linda Burgess who was supported by Mr Guy (our very own Mayor of Mirfield) in judging the amazing Victoria sponges made by our learners. The standard was very high and our winners are photographed below. This year we raised £317. Well done to all those involved.




Lincs2Nepal in MFL

Embracing, experiencing and learning about new cultures is one of favourite things to do in MFL so we were thrilled when the focus of the drop down day was around Darton’s charity work in Nepal. Across MFL lessons, we wanted learners to appreciate cultural differences. We began our lessons by considering how children from Nepal might feel if they were to come to Darton. We considered culture shock and how this would be felt if we were to travel to Nepal. We thought about what we would need if we were to go Nepal to help the children and how we could overcome ‘culture shock’. We discussed travel and cultural immersion around the following principles; connect, embrace, adjust, accept and we produced a travel guide to support us.

Ethan - Lins2Nepal

Connection – Learners felt that they would need to have commonality with the Nepali children to connect with them so we explored language differences.

Ryan and Kelly - Lincs2Nepal

emergency phrases - Lincs2Nepal

Embrace – In order to help them, we would need to embrace their traditions and customs. We found out that in Nepal, they have a difference calendar to us and that some months have 32 days!

Adjust – We thought about how we would adjust to a new culture and came to the conclusion that the children in Nepal would derive pleasure from similar things to us like jokes and games.

Accept – We talked about how the traditions and customs in Nepal were very different to anything that we may be used to however we considered that one of the main reasons people travel is to see and experience other parts of the world and to explore new cultures and customs. We decided that if were to be accepted then we would absolutely have to an open and respectful mind.