England U16 Futsal Finalists


(Left – Right: Tom Clare, Lewis O’Connor, David Harper, James McIntyre, Alex Blackwell & Kaine Leigh)

I had the absolute pleasure of taking these gentlemen to the South Yorkshire U16 Futsal competition in Sheffield. On arrival we were informed that the top two finishing teams will compete in the England U16 Futsal final in June. The tournament started with a slight glitch. It was an indoor competition and we had only brought boots! Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh! After some selfless behaviour from Kaine Leigh we were ready to go. Alex and James were taking it in turn to share Kaine’s trainers and Kaine borrowed some from the schools lost property. But from then game faces were on.

Our first game was against Shafton who we had beat in the Barnsley School’s previous round. We took an early lead however Shafton were on fire, beating us 4-3 to give them their first win.

We then had a game off to assess the opposition, talk tactics and argue about the trainer situation. This clearly was the boost the team needed and went on to trash both Sheffield teams with goals from Tom Clare, Alex Blackwell and James McIntyre. This finished the team in second place behind Shafton!

We have just confirmed our attendance on Saturday 11th June to take on England. Here we come!

A very, very proud teacher!

Miss W :)



If you want to see just a flavour of the commitment that our Y11s are showing, then check out the brief video of the English Literature revision session below. Over 95% of our Y11 learners are regularly turning up at 8:30am for what we call the ‘magic hour’ before their morning exam starts.

Our staff are also working their professional socks off to ensure that this fantastic year group get what they deserve in August. Keep it up everyone!

Time to Shine Year 11!

Dear Y11

It only seems like yesterday that I spoke to you at the beginning of the school year  and here we are with your exams about to begin in earnest!

I and everyone at school are hugely impressed with you as a Year group, you have stepped up and maintained a real commitment and focus. I know many of you have attended after school revision sessions, weekend revision sessions and have embraced form changes so that you can receive additional support.

Keep up your revision, early nights and focus over the next few weeks! Effort and energy invested now will pay huge dividends.


Now is your time shine – you are an awesome bunch!

Ms Davies

Weekend Reading Recommendation

This half-term, Year 10 have been studying short stories as part of their homework / home-learning. They have had the option to either review the stories, find out more about the authors, or write their own creative piece inspired by the work itself. One student stands out as particularly talented, hardworking and conscientious. Please find below a short anthology of the writing of Ajay (to turn the pages, click on the arrow at the bottom right-hand corner of the page).

I can genuinely recommend each story as being exciting, gripping, unexpected and entertaining. If you feel inspired, please also seek out the source material, as they are also very enjoyable reads too.

I look forward to Ajay’s continued writing – I can’t wait for the next installment!


RYLA Presentation

Two year 11 learners delivered a presentation to the Stainborough Rotary Club on Thursday evening.  During the February holidays Jack and Paige participated in the RYLA program, a leadership course organised by the Rotary Club.  The Stainborough Rotary Club kindly sponsored Jack and Paige and asked them to provide feedback on their experience.

Jack and Paige did an amazing presentation that made us all feel proud.  They said that the course had been life changing and that they hope other young people will get the same opportunity in the future.



Y8 Pathetic Fallacy

Really great writers, old and new have a really sophisticated way of drawing readers into texts. They use a range of literary devices to bring their words to life. Unlike film makers, who can ‘actually’ change the picture we see authors have to do that using words alone.

Year 8 have been trying to develop their descriptive writing this week and develop the use of pathetic fallacy.

Pathetic fallacy is a type of personification (that’s when you give human qualities and emotions to things that aren’t human!) and it is usually linked to nature. So, you might have sad, weeping clouds, or a happy, dancing wind.

The other thing about pathetic fallacy is, whatever is being described, it is usually linked to the character’s emotions.

We started by looking at scenes from Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings – analysing the films as if they were texts – our colour wheel helped provide a useful guide/prompt.

Screen shot 2010-04-11 at 8.24.12 PM

We completed a first ‘setting’ draft on Thursday! There were some really great ‘nuggets’ in there! DIRT time on Monday morning will be the chance to review and improve.

Well done Y8 – a great start! What is key is that you now start applying this in your writing consistently and thinking about the use of personification and pathetic fallacy when analysing texts.


See you tomorrow.

Ms D :)

Year 11 Interview Day

On Friday 6th May Year 11 learners took part in an Interview Day. All learners were given a 20 minute interview by an employer or provider from Barnsley and the surrounding area.

These employers and providers included seasoned interviewers from companies such as Berneslai Homes, BMBC, Barclays Bank, MKB Solicitors, C & K Recruitment to name a few.

All the interviewees were then given written feedback on their performance after the interview and were assessed on areas such as eye contact and posture during the interview, as well as their responses to questions about their education, performance and ambitions.

As part of the process all learners had to complete a job application form, write a personal statement and submit a CV.  Although many of the learners were nervous prior to their interview, a good deal felt that they had performed well and this was borne out when many received their written feedback.  All of the interviewers and providers who partook in the event were very impressed with the Darton Learners and many expressed the thought that we must be very proud of them, which we are.   It was a very enjoyable day for all who took part and provided an excellent showcase for Darton College.

We would like to thank all of the interviewers for giving up their valuable time for this event.