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All resources are available for great science home learning!

When our learners are given homework in science, team science make sure all resources are available to aid our learners in producing some really valuable and useful homework. Our learners are required to ‘add the flesh to the bones’ of their classroom taught science learning by applying knowledge and seeking out further information to make their homework a success!

Teachers in science clearly display when all homework is required to be handed in on boards in all classrooms. This information and copies of all homework handed out in science are also available on the school website (learners – subject information – home learning – select the year group – select the subject – select the class/teacher).

Learners are able to use notes taken in class to aid homework completion and further research the subject themselves. In KS3 each learner is provided with a project homework task sheet fully complete with grading, success criteria and QR codes. In KS4 home learning is based on exam style questions. This is helping prepare our learnings for their GCSE exams. Homework completion can be aided by classroom acquired knowledge and further research by the learners themselves. DIRT (dedicated improvement reflection time) is provided after each homework hand in during lesson time to allow each learner to up skill their homework and provide them with a valuable revision resource they will be able to refer back to.

Happy home learning!


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