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Darton College Open Night

For the first time in ages I had a technical nightmare putting an animation together, but after a great deal of perseverance, (and counting to ten more than once!) I finally finished it! Fantastic open night today and some really great conversations were had with potential DC learners and their...

Super learners!

Excellent learning from 7ABA in Food Technology this week, and last. Their practical work has been first rate, but what has impressed me even more is how they have been able to reflect on what they have done. They have looked carefully at the skills they have acquired and...

Cooking up a storm!

What an absolute delight this group is to work with in Food Technology. Wonderful sharing and some really lovely food-related conversations while they worked. They built on their cutting and slicing skills from last week’s fruit salad and added grill work to their repertoire. This is the first time...


As our learners work towards preparing their own autobiographies for presenting to camera as part of their GCSE coursework, we have been investigating the features of autobiographical writing such as perspective and tense. The text I chose to work on to help with these features may be very self-indulgent,...

NSPCC Whistleblowing
Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school