As our learners work towards preparing their own autobiographies for presenting to camera as part of their GCSE coursework, we have been investigating the features of autobiographical writing such as perspective and tense. The text I chose to work on to help with these features may be very self-indulgent, but I selected ‘Proud Trooper converted to PBI’ which was written by my Great Uncle, Alexander Barclay, of his experiences during the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915 in which he served as a bomber/grenadier and was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for ‘Conspicuous Gallantry’. Learners have shown excellent noticing skills in identifying his word choices and raised interesting questions when they have found that he possibly selected the wrong words in one or two places! Great work team, but ‘tsk, tsk Uncle Alec!’

The video clip was used as a hook, and is from the 1981 Mel Gibson film ‘Gallipoli’.

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