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BFG comes to Darton

I’ve been looking for the perfect rabbit for our farm. You should always do your research first when choosing an animal because its very easy to get caught up in the cute, fluffiness and before you know it you’ve got a fully grown beast on your hands. I’d pretty much made up my mind on getting a Continental Giant rabbit (Conti for short) which originate from the Flemish Giant rabbit, but I went to meet some other breeds to be certain. As cute as Netherland dwarf lops with their tiny ears and eyeliner look, they are very lively and can be quite un-sociable and grumpy… so not perfect for our farm.

Continental Giants however are the most chilled out rabbit you have ever seen. I met the baby rabbits (kits) and Dad who weighs an amazing 12kg and Mum who weighs 10kg. Dad was stretched out sunbathing and chewing a ball and making grunting noises every now and then and the babies (you can see below) were chilling out in a pet carrier. Fully grown Contis are about the size of an adult Jack Russell and are very much like dog. Some of them like to play fetch and they bond with people like a dog does. The black VM rabbit you see below is the one that will be coming to our farm. He has a tiny white spot on his head and at the moment is 10 weeks old and the size of a regular adult rabbit. I’m very excited to get him and see what our learners make of him. Rabbits are happier with company so when he’s old enough he will be neutered and we can introduce him to a companion.


  1. Archie Woodhead | | Reply

    Hey are you looking for any sort of help on the farm? If so I would always be down to helpo :D.

  2. swareing | | Reply

    Hi Archie
    There will be an after school club and some sessions working on the farm so keep watching this space for details!

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