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Book of the Month – October Y10/11 Northern Lights

Lyra and Pantalaimon – her dæmon – live a fun, wild life in Jordan College, Oxford. Lyra’s Oxford is in many ways similar to the one in our world, but the difference is that it is crawling with danger, dæmons, and gobblers…

After listening in to an important conference held by her uncle, Lord Asriel, Lyra is determined to go to the North and see the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora.

And Dust… after overhearing it, Lyra wants to know everything about those strange particles which affect adults more than children.

Her wish is about to come true: children (including Lyra’ s playmate Roger) start disappearing just as the hypnotizing and beautiful Mrs Coulter appears. Lyra embarks on a dangerous journey which will take her much further than the Northern Lights, even beyond her own world…

This is the most beautifully-written story I’ve read. The book can make you thrill and marvel, and it tells a brilliant tale.

The plot is brilliant: Pullman somehow managed to make the story clear so that you can understand, but at the same time sort of “misty”, and everything happens as if you were in some kind of dream.

It is a fantastic book for anyone over 10-years-old, girl or boy, who loves adventure and science fiction books. To me, it was perfect, although the words “passionate” and “passionately” are really over-used.


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