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Breakfast like a king 🤴


There’s an old saying that goes ‘Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper’. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because we need energy in the morning to replenish energy stores and wake us up. Think of your body being like a phone and you set off to school with only 10% battery. By the time you reach school, its likely to only be on 5%,  it will start to shut down. Apps won’t work properly, games become glitchy, internet won’t load and texts are slow to send. Your bodies are very similar. Without breakfast you are relying on what energy you gained during sleep. Without an energy recharging breakfast, by the time you get into class, your ‘apps’ are starting to shut down too.. you lack focus, your hearing becomes sluggish and you take twice as long to recall memory and information.

Our animals on DC Farm animals love a good breakfast. Our goats Picasso, Sherlock, Mycroft and Kolo, eat a variety of fresh and dried fruits & vegetables with slow releasing carbs like oats and barley. A piece of brown toast and a portion of fruit would be a great breakfast for you to eat like a goat.

The ducks and chickens Ada, Sylvia, Georgia and Belle eat a high amount of protein and grit, they love meal worms and suet, seeds for omega 3 oils, blueberries for vitamin C, cracked corn and wheat for fiber and a complex ready mixed food. Don’t fancy meal worms? Granola or corn flakes with yogurt and berries would be great for you.

Edgar and Lenore our rabbits eat a similar diet to the goats, a high fiber diet with cereals dried and fresh fruit and vegetables,glossy coats and digestion sunflower seeds for with plenty of hay. Something like muesli or porridge with fruit and semi skimmed milk would be a rabbits breakfast equivalent.

Whether you eat like our Picasso or Ada or Edgar, please make sure you eat something for breakfast, even just an apple or banana. You will find it easier to be able to concentrate and focus in class… with less yawning!


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