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Darton Animators

What a busy year for my fantastic group of animators, with their imaginations taking them on fantastic journeys through space and time, to different planets, via the school library and beyond! Got a couple of competitions lined up for next year, so exciting times ahead!

Marginal gains!

Sometimes it can be easy from a secondary school teacher point of view to forget that some learners left primary school with some of their basic skills still insecure. Knowing how to use scissors or how to use a pair of compasses are two examples which spring to mind, but...

Finding our bearings!

I have been extremely impressed with my Year 8/9 Nurture mathematicians this week as we have been getting our teeth into angles and bearings. Bearings in particular are very challenging, and all the learners have shown great resilience in taking on board new ideas which are at least a...

Appreciation from Loui Jover

As part of their portraiture topic, 8KGR looked at Chiaroscuro which is an Italian term that means ‘light- dark’. The term is used when visual artists use extreme contrasts of light and dark. The technique is often used to create a dramatic visual impact.  The learners experimented with black ink...

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