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Day of the recycled Triffids

Week 2 and a bit of farm plans and we’ve made great progress. There was a very large skip full of rubbish to come out of the space and now that its cleared we can really crack on. The willow tunnel is now in place and is just a beautiful, magical thing to behold. If you haven’t been up to see it, I recommend you do. Big thank you to Liam Greenoff for all his help with it, he’s been an absolute star!

Anyone into sci-fi might have seen ‘Day of the triffids’ and will know what I’m talking about when I say, that’s what we pulled out of the ground this week! Far into the farm, hiding in plain sight were 9 huge plants all about 12ft high and full of thorns. They were not keen to be removed and it begged the question.. when they’re out how do we dispose of them?

The aim of the farm is to make it as sustainable as possible and recycle where we can and so, we decided to use the triffids natural deterent and lay it against the fencing boundaries to deter predators getting into the farm. Great to use nature to work with nature!

I have a recycling request: (also known as ‘on the scrounge’) Can you all please save your bottle tops from milk and metal caps from glass bottles and let me have them?  I’m also on the look out for old tea spoons, old photo and picture frames, metal watering cans and tea pots, pretty cups and saucers, any bits of old tiles, un-used keys, marbles, small childrens wellies and an ornate metal dining/garden chair. If you have any of these that you don’t want please let me know or bring them in… All will become clear…Thank you 🙂

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