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Down on DC Farm

I thought I’d take a moment to answer some of the questions on a lot of lips…

Are we really getting a farm at Darton College?

Who is that person that’s up and down school in purple wellies ?

Where is this farm going to be? and most importantly…

What animals are we getting and do we get to interact with them?

Well the answer is YES!! Darton College really is building a farm. My name is Shelly Wareing and I’m the new Therapeutic Outdoor Practitioner based in the office by the lecture theatre. We have great plans for DC Farm and building works will take place very soon at the side of the year 7 area in the old construction yard and next door in the garden and shed area.

Plans are to have animals like Pygmy goats, Indian runner ducks, chickens, rabbits and even retired horses. Earlier this week I reserved three Goat kids from a breeder in North Yorkshire and they will all need new names… so get your thinking caps on and let’s not have a repeat of ‘Boaty McBoatface’ or ‘Goaty McGoatface’ 🙂

Lots of preparation work to do so if you’re green fingered and willing to get stuck in.. let me know


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