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Enhancing Learning Through Technology

As I wait for the train back home from London i’m reflecting on the changes in my own personal focus in technology over the last year. People who have bumped into me in my first nine years of teaching will likely struggle to recognise the person that I am becoming now. As a Maths teacher I always loved the subject because of it’s black and white nature, the immediate feedback and relief you get when you achieve the right answer, learn a method and crack on. Over the last couple of years in particular my classroom practice has started to evolve, focusing more on the craft of planning effective lessons which make learners think hard and develop their own ways to solve issues. The Maths team at Darton has come alive in the last few months and i’m excited by the teams commitment and drive to improve all aspects of their work particularly the three leaders who complement each other really well.

I’ve had the opportunity today to go down to the BETT show in London and look at the latest emerging technologies and see some great innovative ideas. I have found myself looking at the robots, the droids and the outdoor learning equipment instead of my usual focus on the latest systems and platform developments. Technology and its use can hook learners into areas which would have previously been a challenge, it can motivate and give them feedback quicker than ever. Fundamentally, inspiring kids in the classroom I believe can only come from the relationships and experiences that you have with learners over time but technology allows you to create more opportunities than ever! Our learners have grown up with mobile technology, my two year old can play her favourite Mr Tumble you tube videos and my five year old can pick up an xbox controller and make Mr Fantastic jump around a screen. It’s a challenge as a teacher using technology but the benefits outweigh the risks. I’ve got a head full of ideas now that i’m looking forward to giving it a good go!

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