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Joseph Wike’s Book Recommendation

Joseph has started to read ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ and he wanted to share why he is so enthralled in this book.


‘A Street Cat Named Bob’, is about a homeless man named James, who is struggling to survive. He gets given a home by someone who takes pity on him and this is where his journey begins.


Throughout the day he begins busking in central London to earn a living. One night when he is sleeping, he hears noises and thinks he is being burgled. When he goes to inspect, he discovers that it’s actually a ginger cat that has jumped through the small window that he left open.


Over the next couple of days, James Bowen (who is also the author), attempts to find the owner of the cat, as he is struggling to feed himself, let alone Bob. James soon meets a woman and she instructs him to keep the cat as it will bring him good luck. James doesn’t believe her until …


The next day James decides to take Bob to London and he sits on his shoulders whilst he continues busking. To James’ amazement, people begin to stop, listen and drop money in  James’ hat.
Joseph says that this ‘Truly is an amazing story; an absolute must read!’


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