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KS4 Spanish learners actively participating in learning!

Today all of my KS4 learners have blown me away in our Spanish lessons.

Year 10 were reviewing comparative and superlative structures with the view to improve their grammatical awareness. We have been focusing on their receptive  reading skills with this grammar point and today we reviewed their productive skills. They were all smartie pants superstars, stepping outside of their comfort zones to create challenging sentences structures. I think the chocolate motivation definitely helped! Well done y10!

In year 11, we are revising for our reading and listening exams. Our most recent focus has been healthy living and lifestyle and what better way to lead a healthy lifestyle than to participate in active word volley drills! The learners had to produce a different piece of vocabulary depending upon the themes which included – el cuerpo-body parts, comida – food and also key infinitive verbs. They really impressed me with their knowledge and also some learners became very strategic with their balloon skills! 

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