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Looking After the Wildlife

After two years of planning Darton Voice started their work on the wildlife area they are wishing to create.  This is located on area of disused land on Brookhill Road.  We are working closely with Carillion and, as part of their community funding, we are hoping to have the area fenced off.

Young people worked with the Clean and Green Team to smarten the front of the property for the benefit of the local community while we are waiting for the area to be fenced off.  They planted an apple tree as well as shrubs and flowers to attract bugs.  A large area has been left to grow wild for the benefit of wildlife.  The project has also been supported by Darton West Ward Alliance and Linda Burgess, who came along to meet with the learners.

In the near future it is our hope to continue to develop the land and make it more amenable to our local wildlife.

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