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Love For Biographies

Recently, Tilly in year 9, finished reading ‘Me, Me, Me’, by Charlotte Crosby and as a result she has moved onto a new biography: ‘Stripped Bare’, by Marnie Simpson.


Charlotte Crosby’s autobiography is all about her life and secrets.


Tilly said that she prefers autobiographies to any other type of book because they reveal so much more about the author and they are very personal. Some of the things that are revealed, you may not know and other people, who have not read the book, will not know either.


Originally, Tilly chose this book because she recognised Charlotte Crosby from TV.


Tilly highly recommends this read as it is extremely funny and there are a lot of stories about Charlotte’s life that are really interesting and some of them are crazy.


Tilly’s next autobiography has been specifically chosen because Marnie Simpson is on Big Brother and she is a celebrity from the Geordie Shaw TV series, that Charlotte Crosby was in also.

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