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Making final revision lessons count!

This is a really simple idea that was shared at last weeks PixL meeting that Andy Woodcock and I attended – the Memory Clock.

I’ve seen a number of ‘revision or memory clock’ templates that support learners in managing their revision time more effectively, this is slightly different.

We know that learners can passively engage in revision and that simply creating reams of highlighted notes doesn’t always ensure that revision has been productive. The revision clock is designed to address that. The development of the revision clock is the work of the Sandringham School and the original post can be found here.

The basic premise of the ‘memory clock’ is to ensure learners review and organise their prior learning, gathering notes and distilling them in some way for example using mind maps or index cards. Then they must practice what they are likely to be assessed on, completing practice questions, ideally under timed conditions and without using notes. The final stage is to check their responses using mark schemes or comparing their own responses to exemplar WAGOLLS and then to redraft and improve their own answers.

Try it in a lesson next week and share the approach with learners, you could even create a WAGOLL or model the process using Apple TV or a visualiser.

Huge thanks to Sandringham school and Dr Caroline Creaby for sharing the approach!

Kate #lovelearningDC


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