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Managing Media Marvellously

In Y10 we have been working on a persuasive unit based on media campaigns. We have used our school as a live topic to work on, specifically the lack of recycling for plastics on site. We have thoroughly investigated a range of persuasive devices such as alliteration, rhyme, rhetorical questioning, the ‘power of three’, use of facts & figures and emotive language to name but a few. We have looked at corporate logos and what makes them memorable, as well as slogans. We found the most successful slogans use 3-5 words, and so we worked with Mrs Tallant to produce a series of professional-spec posters for a campaign. We intensely critiqued the first drafts and were delighted with the redrafts. It has been a very successful spell in class. Next up we are working on a powerful letter to ensure better plastic recycling facilities for DC in the very near future. Watch this space…

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