Notable Firsts!

Wonderful events at school today got me thinking about ‘Notable firsts’, hence the picture attached to this blog post of Sir Roger Bannister, the first person to run a four minute mile. I love this picture because his face really tells the story of the agony and the ecstasy of his success: he pushed himself to the limit to achieve what he did; far beyond his comfort zone, and he succeeded. Today Levi became the first member of the Y11 Nurture ECDL group to pass all his modules. He has not found it easy, but he has been willing to push himself: today for instance he sat two exams, and he succeeded. When he got the result of the ‘Using the Internet and email’ unit, he realised he had not only passed the module, but the whole course! Well done Levi, we are all very proud of you! With both George and Liam passing both the exams they sat today as well here’s hoping for another week of successes next week.

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