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Real life learning on the farm

It’s been a busy few weeks on the farm with increasing numbers of learners becoming more involved in its day to day running.

Lots has been learnt about caring for the animals as well as caring for and developing ourselves. Some learners who find it difficult to come to school have found sanctuary on the farm and their time out with the animals has helped them to begin to overcome the barriers that face. The quiet space which the farm provides and the contact with the animals is proving to be great therapy.

For others, the farm has given them greater confidence and independence and working to the rules and the routines of the farm has helped them to structure their day. The eagerness of a number of learners to spend time before and after school as well as breaks up on the farm cleaning out, feeding and collecting eggs has provided a real sense of responsibility related to real life experiences.  Self esteem and self worth have rocketed for a core of individuals who previously lacked confidence and this is something which traditional tests can’t measure.

Finally, the farm is growing as an enterprise as the eggs are collected and sold. This is allowing learners to develop communication skills as they offer the eggs to staff along with the skills of handling money in a real life context. Our top sales lady Mary absolutely glows with pride as she explains to anyone who will listen that she’s in charge of selling the eggs.  She’s even started to collect cash up front for orders for next week.  I think we have got the next Alan Sugar on our hands!


  1. lily | | Reply

    me and my friend would love to work down on the farm because we both love animals and we really are wanting to have a job in darton college please

    by saffron and lily y7

    • cellis | | Reply

      Hi girls,
      We will be looking at different volunteers at different times of the year so watch out for information around school about how to get involved.

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