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Restorative Practice

Over 30 Year 10 learners received training and took up the role of Restorative Practitioner last week.  It is our intention to have more than 30 learners in this role in each year group which means there will be many more opportunities throughout the year.

Restorative Practice recognises how relationships are a key part of any conflict and that by restoring relationships we can prevent conflict being repeated in the future. Young people will have more of a voice in what matters to them in return for taking on more responsibility. This initiative is about gaining a shared understanding where solution focused thinking puts a resolution to a problem. It is our hope that it will nurture more independence in young people dealing with their own conflicts and it will give them life skills in preparation for their future. The program is intended as additional support and the Pastoral team which will remain fully staffed to support learners with more complex issues.

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