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Restorative Practitioners

Learners at the college have been trained in the different aspects of Restorative Practice and have began their new role.  In times of conflict Restorative Practice puts emphasis on restoring relationships and the needs of individuals involved to come to a shared understanding.  The process seeks to work with people rather than doing things to or for them.  Restorative Practice allows for the act of repairing relationships through participatory learning and decision making.

Staff have been using this process more and more to help young people resolve situations.  We are now training young people within the college in Restorative Practice so they can take a larger role in the process.  They can help other learners with low level issues before they escalate into something major and it will serve to encourage other young people to invest in relationships and the bonds they have with people within the school community.  There will be more learners trained in the coming weeks to embed this practice further.  In the long-term this will improve young people’s confidence and independence in resolving conflict.

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