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Sian Wood’s Love for Autobiographies

Top set year 9 are really starting to understand the importance of reading and how it relates to success.


Sian has been reading ‘Cheryl Cole’s Autobiography’, and she wanted to share why she loves this book so much.


Sian really likes autobiographies as they give intimate details of the personal lives of celebrities.


This book really surprised Sian, as Cheryl Cole is really popular and famous, yet she had a really normal upbringing. Cheryl writes about her troubles when she was younger and Sian finds her really easy to relate to.


Sian says that she respects celebrities so much more after reading this autobiography, as she can see that celebrities are people too. She has also been able to ask the question as to whether celebrities deserve all of the negative attention that they receive from the media.


In Cheryl Cole’s book it is clear to see the sacrifices that she has had to make since becoming a celebrity. such as moving away from family; risking her reputation and the general public depending on her to make the right choices.


Sian really wants to read more biographies to delve deeper into the lives of celebrities.

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