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Teach Like A Champion

It’s been around a while but if you haven’t can’t a copy its worth a read.

For many new teachers this book is a great resource. It’s simple. It’s easy. Flip through to different chapters and bolster the weaknesses in pedagogy.

There are also videos to watch the practice unfold and  there are lesson plans and other e-files one can access for help.

Some particular highlights include;

  • Technique 8: Culture of Error – Lemov’s chapter on Error is alone probably worth the price of the book.  It encourages the development of a classroom culture that encourages mistakes, differentiating how we ask questions of our learners, amping up the rigour for some, the scaffolding for others, and praising learners for at least giving it a try.
  • Technique 33: The Cold Call – this chapter offers ways of ensuring learner engagement. The basic premise is that learners should  always be ready to share their thoughts and participate, that to be in class is to be a part of the conversation.  Given that, part of the teacher’s job is to add a smile and some warmth, to message, ‘Yes, I expect you to participate when I call on you, but I am doing that because I want to hear what you are thinking, I care about what you are thinking.’

These are just two gems from a number, some I’d leave well alone but overall the book is definitely worth a read. There are a couple of copies in the teacher hub!


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