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Two things for learners to relate to

They say that History is all around us. Well this week two things are happening that our learners could relate to.

Firstly, year 9 have been looking at the Second World War in recent lessons. As part of that they have been listening to some music from that period including songs such as ‘We’ll meet again” and ”White cliffs of Dover”, just to try to get a feel for what it must have been like during ‘Britain’s darkest hour’.Both of these songs, of course were sung by Dame Vera Lynn, who on 20th March reaches a great milestone, her 100th birthday. In her own words she said it was important to ‘keep people’s spirits up during these years’.

Secondly, years 10 and 11 have both studied the History of Medicine and this week in York a memorial has been unveiled in honour of John Snow, who identified Cholera as being a waterborne disease, near to his childhood home. This has included a life size model of the pump from Broad Street where he had the handle removed to reduce the death rate form the disease.

Who says that History is all in the past!

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