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Year 11 Half Term Support – More Added!

The Year 11 learners continue to impress with their commitment to additional sessions, so we are offering additional support in English, Maths and Science over Half Term. Attendance is strongly encouraged. Revision work will be set over the break if your teacher’s name is not the table below. If you are unsure of which sessions to come to each year 11 can check the sessions through their ipad on the commitment board.




  1. Sarah Tolson | | Reply

    Please could Ellis Tolson attend the history revision on Friday. He has Mr Bind who is not in school, there has been very little revision available for his class
    Sarah Tolson

      • Sarah Rose-Tolson | | Reply

        Many thanks, much appreciated.
        He’s got his books to revise from but they will Benefit from the session as they desperately need to go over the best ways in which to answer the questions properly
        Many thanks once again for sorting this


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