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Year 9 Evacuation-‘Run rabbit run!’

Imagine if you went home tonight and your Mum or Dad said ‘Right for the next few months you are going to live with another family out in the countryside, we don’t know who they are, where you will be going or where you will live. We have to do this because the government says so!’ Pretty scary stuff I would say. However, if you lived in Britain in 1939 this was reality, especially if you were in a big city that was likely to get bombed by the Nazi Dictatorship under Hitler in Germany. Evacuation was real for nearly 2 million children in World war II. In our year 9 lesson today we had our own evacuee, Abi, who was fully equipped just like an evacuee in 1940. She had a suitcase, name tag and train ticket, she even had a Teddy called Jeffrey to keep her company on what would have been her long journey. Luckily for Abi it was only a bit of role play, although she did play the part very well!

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