Why Read?

There is a broad body of knowledge that suggest reading for pleasure at the age of 15 is a strong factor in determining future social mobility. Indeed, it has been revealed as the most important indicator of the future success of the child. But despite this reading for pleasure is on the decline.

For many of us from previous generations diving into a book gave an escape into a fantasy or imaginary world, maybe today that can be replicated for our teenagers using social media?

But there is no doubt about the benefits of reading! It helps to broaden our vocabulary but also our understanding and experiences of the world in which we live.

Reading leads to awareness, that is useful in a wide variety of obstacles throughout life.  It also increases concentration and stimulates the imagination – in fact there isn’t anything negative about reading!

Parents and carers can play a key role in promoting and encouraging reading at home, recommending books and talking about the issues they raise. Our school library stocks a great range of teenage fiction, new and old and we are always willing to get new books recommended!