Transition: Learner FAQ

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Is Darton College fun?

Yes! You will meet lots of new people and learn so many new things.

Is it difficult in the first few weeks?

There are some differences between Primary and Secondary school when you first move up. However, you should not worry too much. You will quickly learn your way around and it won’t take long for you to become familiar with how Darton operates. There is a big team of people who will help to support you especially your form tutor, Mrs Fitzpatrick and Miss Ellis.

How long will it take me to find my way around?

Darton College is much smaller than you think. It does not take a long time for you to find your way around. During the first week you will be given a map to help to guide you around the building.

What happens if I get lost in Darton College?

If you are lost you can firstly check the map to work out where you are. Following this if you are still unsure you can ask another learner or member of staff, who will be able to help you and show you where you need to be. If there is nobody nearby to ask, you can always go to our main reception area to ask Mrs Maw or Mrs Haxby.

What happens if I am late to a lesson?

Our teachers are very understanding if you are slightly late for your lessons. However, they will expect you to be on time after the settling in period. If you are late to a lesson after this, your form tutor will put a late mark in the register. If you keep being late for lessons this will possibly lead to a detention.

How long does each lesson last?

Each lesson is one hour.

How long is break and lunchtime?

Morning break is 20 minutes and lunchtime is 40 minutes. At the beginning of the transition weeks our new Year 7 learners are allowed out of lessons early so that they can have their lunch before our other year groups come down to the Atrium.

Which subjects are taught in ability groups?

In Year 7 Maths and English are taught in ability groups. Initially you will not be in set groups. Ability groups are formed after our teachers have got to know learners more.

Which language will I study?

Currently all of Year 7 study French, however this could possibly change. If the languages offer does change this could mean that you will either do French or Spanish.

Is it difficult to keep organised?

No. Make sure you have a copy of your timetable at home and pack your bag the night before to make sure that you have everything you need. Always aim to do your homework on the night that it is set so you do not allow too much work to mount up. Use your planner to help you organise what you need to bring to school on which day.

How much homework do you receive in a week?

Over a week you can expect up to 6 pieces of homework.

What happens if I forget my homework?

You should always aim to remember to return your homework on the correct day. However, if you do forget you may receive a warning , or a detention following this. If you find it difficult to do your homework at home there are homework clubs available that you can attend to receive additional help and support.

What will happen if I lose something?

If you lose something go to the school Admin Office on floor one. This is where our lost property box is kept. Please make sure that your name is on all of your belongings so that it is easier to return them to you if they are lost.

Where do I go if I feel unwell during the day?

Should you feel unwell during a lesson then you must speak to your classroom teacher, who will then give you permission to go to the sick bench situated by the Admin Office. If you are unwell at breaktime and lunchtime you should go straight to the medical room.

Is the food at Darton College good?

Yes – the food at Darton is fantastic! We have an amazing range of different foods on offer every day which all taste delicious. Sometimes there are themed day lunches available too.

How much do I need for dinner money?

Presently the daily cost of a school meal is £1.

Can I bring iPods or mobile phones into school?

You are allowed to bring iPods, phones or any other pieces of technology to school, however this is at your own risk! You are not allowed to have them out during lesson time unless a teacher has given you permission. Mobile phones and iPods may be used during breaktime and lunchtime.

Will I need to bring my PE kit on the first day?

Yes. You will commence your timetable on your first day at Darton College therefore, you could have a PE lesson.

What clubs are there for Year 7?

There is a huge range of extracurricular clubs for Year 7 to join. Different clubs run during different times of the year. Clubs may include: Football, Rugby, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Athletics, Drama, Music, Science, Maths, Animation, Dance, Choir, Orchestra and Homework. The current schedule can be found on the extra curricular section of the website.